"Wild" cover photo by Jen Marsh 1998.


recorded 1990-1993. 
all compositions and improvisations,
instruments and voices by Bruce Haedt

1. Shape of the Tone   3:50
2. Riven   2:20
3. Rocket to Land (acoustic)   4:57
4. Wild   5:29
5. This Time I Know   7:50
6. Stranger to Yourself   2:57
7. Where Did You Go With Your Wings?   4:36
8. For Only You I Cry (solo)   4:49
9. The Night the Old Ones Met   2:32
10. I Bet You Know This   3:36 
11. Roam Tracks   4:32
12. Wide Ol' Savior   4:13
13. Jesus Was an Angel of Change    3:35
14. Contain It    4:25
15. Until Morning    2:19

"Wild" is the more experimental half of the work that was
recorded in the garage and house in Richmond Beach from
1990-1993. The piano/vocal track for "Where Did You Go..."
was done at the Bergey house, thanks to Dave, Marion and Dave.

The improvised tracks (including "Wild") were captured when
I was feeling very tuneful and wordy. They come across as compositions.
The "Roam Tracks" spoken word piece was recorded after seeing the film
"Vincent and Theo" for the first time. Thanks to Robert Altmann.

Photographs taken in Lebam, WA 1998 by Jen Marsh.

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