Cover photo by Lu Pollack 1992.

Than Day (1993)

Produced by Bruce Haedt

1. To Believe in You 6:07
2. Flame in the Fire 4:09
3. Known to Me 3:57
4. Respect (Dori Busath)  3:02
5. Wave of Love 4:05
6. Again Alive 3:28
7. Break These Chains 12:36
8. Back to the River 3:34
9. I Like It 4:50
10.   Just Enough 5:30
11. Where the Ants Have Been  6:38
12. Traveling Dark  5:00
13. Beautiful Feeling   4:48

Recorded in 1993 on 4-track cassette. Original digital mastering by Tom 
in 1994. "Known to Me" and "Back to the River" re-mastered by Eddie Williams 2001.  


Dori Busath; flute on "Break these Chains", "Just Enough"; vocals on "Wave of Love", "Just Enough" and "Traveling Dark".
Corry Wynn; percussion and vocals on "Wave of Love".

This is half of the work I am releasing from the project I recorded in the garage of our house in Richmond Beach.

Other tracks are on the album "Wild". All songs by Bruce except "Respect" by Dori Busath
and "Break These Chains" by Busath/Haedt.. 


To order contact Bruce at: Phone: 206-947-9123
Mail orders to: Bruce Haedt, PO Box 19416 Seattle, WA 98109 


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