Victorian art for cover. Design by Bruce.

Tell Your Secrets

Late 1982 through 1983 home recordings

1. Too Wise   3:30
2. Mine to Break   3:35
3. Tell Your Secrets   3:28
4. Getaway   3:56
5. Media Man   3:19
6. Believe in Me   4:09
7. The Distance   4:22
8. Out on the Highway/
      The Roving Kind   6:39
10. Devas   8:05
11. Somebody to 
      Leave Me Alone   4:43

self-portrait 1982.. digitized 2001 by Bruce.

A definite upgrade had occurred in some of this work, in that I had 
obtained some JVC Binaural Headphone/Mics that made for hot 
recording temperatures. Even on double-cassette-deck-multi-tracking 
there is a nice range of frequencies.
"Getaway", "Tell Your Secrets" and "Media Man" are 
all interesting tunes. I still pull them out now and then when I play.
Some very strange stuff with a Hammond organ w/rhythm that my dad 
owned. Some of the recording was done in his basement in Edmonds.
There's also an authentic old piano for that authentic old piano sound!

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