Songs for Guitar Cover 1978

Songs on Guitar & Piano 8-12-78 (Double LP length)
Engineered by Don Hazeltine
Cover art chosen by Don Hazeltine
2-track cassette original master
Currently being re-mastered digitally by Bruce Haedt.

1. Letters of Grace
2. Again and Again
3. Waving Goodbye
4. Freedom
5. Water
6. See Your Face Again
7. In the Trees
8. Far Away
9. Right Now
10. Take Me Away
11. One Mile of a River
12. Nine or Ten Heartbeats
13. Starfire Anise
14. Reflection
15. Yellow Sunny One
16. Day of the Rainbow (inst.)
17. Cry to the Wind
18. Sing Along
19. Baby
20. Fly Away (w/Don on guitar and b.v.)
21.  Together We Grow
22. .If Love Were a Song
23. Do You Remember When?
24. In a Smile
25. High Energy


Recorded in several hours in the music room at the Hazeltine residence 
in Lake Oswego, Oregon, this was an attempt to simply archive a bunch 
of material I had written.

There was a lot going on in my life. I had been married for 3 years to 
Melanie, Courtney was a year and a half old, we had finished a 6 month 
live-in-the-van adventure around America and I was about to move into 
the city and start working for the Surrogate Hostess as a cook.

I was also in Roger Webster's theater group doing children's plays all over 
the city for the program sponsored by the schools, the production called 
"In One Basket".

Don and Melanie and I were starting to fade out a bit from the Essene 
group we had been involved with.. Dr. Edmund Bordeaux Szekely. We 
had reunited with Mr. Frog, who Mel and I had met in Rapid City at an 
open mic. He moved out from New York and was living on Fred's farm in 
Kent with Marge... a baby on the way. 

I was also doing some Seattle Public School gigs with Frog.

There were other songs in my current list at the time we could not get to. 
Somewhere I have a book with all of the titles of stuff I was writing then. 
Much of the material is lost from memory and was never recorded.


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