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"from the hip" cover by Bruce, 2002.

SHU  "from the hip"     2003

Dave Schiel and I have worked together off and on since 1997. 
This new work, our 3rd album, was recorded live in the Yarrow Point studio
between July and September 2002. Original master by Bruce in
October, then re-mastered by Chad Dahlquist in November. Final
master includes 8 of Chad's and 2 of Bruce's.

1.       Desert       5:30
2.       Blaster       3:28 (full length mp3)
3.       Warchild       5:26
4.       Icefire       3:48 (full length mp3)
5.       Innocent       3:39
6.       Phosphoressence                4:57
7.       Pooh or Tigger?       8:14
8.       Mamarain       3:35
9.       Sparrow       4:50
10.       Turtle       4:40

Dave plays drums on all tracks, and has become as much of an initiator of
the mood, style, direction of the piece as I am. My instruments include the
black Ovation guitar and a hybrid bass/dobro built by Gene Gilliam, both played
through an ART effects box and the mighty Yamaha 6-watt amp; an old Korg
Poly800 provides a keyboard element (one which I can play simultaneously
with guitar at times)... and voice.


Contact: Bruce Haedt, PO Box 19416, Seattle WA 98109
Phone 206-947-9123  email:



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