"Tear It Up" cover photo 1997 by Bruce.

"tear it up" (1997)

1. Barley Burn 4:19
2. Crown 7:08
3. Kore 4:13
4. Boom 5:04
5. Still a Mind 3:43
6. Straight Into the Machine 2:33
7. That's Enough 6:53
8. Sale of the Century 3:10
9. See You Satisfied 2:46
10. Croaky 4:47
11. Walker Creek 5:34

"tiny tim" (1998)

1. Christian Right 4:03
2. Run Away With Me 5:21
3. A Decent Dress to Wear 5:13
4. Tiny Tim 6:17

"shoeshow" is the collaborative band of Dave Schiel and myself, working 
in a mostly improvisational vein. From early 1997 through late 1998 we
recorded in a studio built in the top of the Bergey family garage.
 Most of the sessions were late-night jams, some with a 
second run at ideas that would be initiated in improv, some going 
through compositions of mine in numerous takes. We recorded 
everything "live", direct on reel-to-reel inch tape, self-engineered. 
Equipment included a pair of hand drums, a trumpet, my Yamaha 
classical and Ovation acoustic-electric guitars, Dave's vintage Rogers 
trap set, the (mighty) Yamaha 6-watt amp (1979 model), an occasional 
burst from a Roland 60watt amp, keyboard licks and loops from 2 Korg 
machines, both 80's models. It was all done in good fun. The 2 albums 
have been edited down from about 20 hours of original tape. There are 
tracks that I know of which we did late in our work together that have 
never been mixed and may contain some of the most interesting 
moments. Dave and I still play together now and then and plan to do 
more recording.

The "tear it up" (LP length) album is mostly acoustic-based and was, for 
the most part, my project. Lots of throat singing.

The "tiny tim" album (EP length) is a section from one night's work where 
everything was in a very "electric" mood. Dave liked this stuff a lot, and 
put together the production. 


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