Pretty Eye cover photo

Pretty Eye

Produced by Bruce Haedt

1. Pretty Eye 2:52
2. Summer Storm 5:28
3. Barndance 5:01
4. One 6:21
5. Can I Steal You 6:04
6. Blueseye-Commagrant 4:38
7. Roll Out 6:32
8. Fly Strait 4:19
9. Krutch 4:38
10. Persnickety 8:11
11. Sad Ist Thou 4:54

All compositions, instruments and voices by Bruce Haedt.
Recorded June-December 1999 in 4-track cassette. Digitally mastered 
January 2000 by Eddie Jay Williams at Hobomobile Recording. 206-780-0709

This album is a collection of improvisations, some in one take and others in layers. The 
track "One" came in to be mastered as a 1-track mono take of both guitar and voice, 
with all of the reverb you hear already built in. This was typical. Eddie had the challenge 
of pulling the best possible sounds out of wet, lo-fi, noisy tracks, most of the time with a 
mix of instruments and voices on each. This is an album for mood. I can still stand to 
listen to it once a month or so, which says a lot (to me at least).

Cover/label photography by Bruce Haedt.
Design and layout by Emily Groff.

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