Taxonomy Refill

Recording begun December 2002. Final master completed February 2003.

Stephanie Skura: spoken word, movement, alice
Bruce Haedt: guitars, voices, keys, effects, scraping
Dave Schiel: drums, masks, wine

This collection reflects a glimpse of the process we
all continue to embrace of creative change and pause to reflect.

What started with Stephanie reading on top of  improvisations Dave and I had recorded
in the studio late September 2002, (plus one bass/vocal improv I had done at home)
moved onto fully live improvisations in one or two layers recorded
in my apartment on Bainbridge.

1.       Singles              4:12
2.       On the Table       3:30
3.       Taxonomy Refill       2:38
4.       Bougainvillea Bounces Back       4:08
5.       Brick       4:10
6.       Forensic Scrimmage       4:11
7.       Cliches/Universe            2:13
8.       One Leg Dragging       4:41
9.       Cartrip       5:12
10.       Outbuilding in Colorado       3:21
11.       Leaving Baltimore       4:39
12.       Tender       2:58


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