"Evocations of Mabel" cover photo by Bruce 1993.

Evocations of Mabel 1991-2001

Produced by Bruce Haedt except "Tiny Tim" produced by Dave Schiel

1. barley burn 3:48
2. listen 4:16
3. barndance 5:03
4. crow 3:26
5. known to me 3:57
6. sons & daughters 4:49
7. pretty eye 2:52
8. kore 4:08
9. pass on 6:09
10. tiny tim 6:17
11. road down time 2:57
12. believe in you 6:04
13. walker creek 5:34

A collection of songs from 7 albums spanning 10 years.

Musicians and Recording/Engineering notes

Dave Schiel hand drum on "Barley Burn", "Kore", "Walker Creek"; drums on "Tiny 
Tim". From the albums "tear it up" (LP) and "Tiny Tim" (EP). All tracks recorded in 
1997-98 direct to 2- track reel-to-reel in live studio sessions in the Bergey family 
garage. Thanks to Dave and Marion for their support. Engineered and mixed by Bruce 
Haedt and Dave Schiel. "Tiny Tim" mastered by Max Rose at Martin Audio, Seattle, WA. 

Emily Groff vocals; Gene Gilliam dobro; Mike Boyce bass; on"Listen". From the 
album "Homemade Jam", recorded live to digital February 2000 at the Coffee Cantina, 
Suquamish, WA. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Eddie Jay Williams, chief hobo at 
Hobo Mobile Recording, www.hobomobile.com 206-780-0709. .

Pat Tenis pedal steel on "Sons & Daughters". From the album "Sons & Daughters"
recorded 1991 in 16-track analog, mixed and mastered to digital (DAT) by Steve Boyce 
at Colorsound.

All other instruments and vocals by Bruce Haedt. ?1991-2001 by Bruce Haedt

"Known to Me" and "Believe in You" from the album "Than Day", recorded December 
1993 on 4-track cassette by Bruce Haedt. Digital master by Tom Dyer; remastered from 
2-track by Eddie Jay Williams. 

"Barndance" and "Pretty Eye" from the album "Pretty Eye", recorded June-December 
1999 on 4-track cassette by Bruce Haedt. Mastered by Eddie Jay Williams.

"Crow" and "Road Down Time" from the album "Crow", recorded 2000-2001 by Bruce 
Haedt and Eddie Jay Williams. Mastered by Eddie Jay Williams. 

"Pass On" from the album "Sons & Daughters" (credits above)

Cover photography and design by Bruce Haedt.

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