Links to a few of the people, places, and schools of thought that interest and influence me.


Cat Loves Crow, sweet harmonies and slick guitar licks from K & J.

Mike Murray and all of his bands.

Kimara Sajn's Precognitive catalog. Great composer and producer who lives locally. 

Tuvan Throat Singers... a variety of ensembles.

Master Musicians of Jajouka; some of the best trance music on any planet.

Don Hazeltine, as well as being a fine visual artist, plays a mean guitar.

David Hykes and his Harmonic Choir.

The Fugs and the solo work of Ed Sanders.

Robert Fripp and all that he does, especially the incarnations of King Crimson.

Green Pajamas... I used to be a member.

Steve Boyce, who engineered my Sons & Daughters album in 1991.

this list could go on and on...

Some great Places to Go:

Brietenbush Hot Springs... the best place I've ever found to get into hot water.

Lebam, WA (that's Mabel spelled backwards) where I am doing an off-the-grid project in living.

Suquamish, WA A little slice of heaven where 2 of my children live.


and good Food for Thought:

Astronomy Photo of the Day; beautiful and informative photos and essays

Skinner Releasing; the movement process I have studied off and on for 20+ years.

Positive Futures Network & YES! Magazine;  a local organization with a world view and impact. 

Rudy Rucker's page... my favorite cyberpunk author.

Steffan Soule's website... I picked Steffan up hitchhiking 25 years ago. He's still  making great magic, with an intelligent twist.

Dharma Walk which started in Suquamish and will end at the U.N. in New York.

Permaculture links. Trying to return to the earth from whence I came.

Firesign Theater keep staying ahead of the curve, or behind it, or both.

Common Dreams offers news and in-depth reports from a human rights perspective.    


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