Crow cover


Produced by Bruce Haedt in 2002


1. Crowdip 1:19
2. Don't Know Why 3:35
3. Arching Saw 5:17
4. Crow (full length mp3) 3:28
5. Seven Hills 5:09
6. Radledown (full length mp3) 2:42
7. Blue Cafe 4:11
8. Raking Up the Sand 3:14
9. 4 Questions for Emily 4:44
10. Protect 3:45
11. Brother 4:35
12. Posthumorous 8:13
13. Road Down Time 3:02
14. Perfect Day 3:59
15. Bull Candy 3:24
16. Light My Fire 3:58

Musicians (listed alphabetically):

David Denz; bazouki on “Don’t Know Why”.
Gene Gilliam; dobro on “Crow”.
Emily Groff; vocals on “Don’t Know Why”
, and "4 Questions for Emily".
Mike Murray; banjo and vocals on “Raking Up the Sand”.
Susan Welch; vocals on "Brother".
Eddie Williams; harmonica on “Road Down Time”.

Recorded and Engineered by Bruce Haedt and Eddie Jay Williams in 4-track cassette and direct-to-digital formats.
Digitally mastered by Bruce.

This album combines new compositions and improvisations with a few older tunes that keep rising to the surface of my repertoire.
The folk music scene in Kitsap County has revived my interest and focus on acoustic, rootsy performances and arrangements. However, the occasional electric or effected outburst can be found here. "Brother" and "Posthumorous" represent both styles addressing the same theme.

All songs and arrangements by Bruce Haedt except "Light My Fire" by Jim Morrison.

Cover photography and design by Bruce.

To order contact Bruce at:   Phone; 206-947-9123
Mail orders to: Bruce Haedt 533 Harvard Ave E, Apt 104, Seattle, WA 98102


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