at La Push beach; photo by Rosanne Demanski

Ro's Waltz 1988 

4-track cassette, originally mastered to cassette

Re-mastered to digital 2001

1. Breathe and Swim (segue to R&R)
2. Righteous and Ready 5:23
3. Powder Blue 4:18
4. This Morning's Apple 4:22
5. Ro's Waltz 2:14
6. Walking Through the Great Storm 3:15
7. Recombination Tango (for Lydia) 5:48
8. Born To Lead 2:09
9. Doctor! 3:16
10. Western Lakes of China's Land 4:22
11. The Diplomat (for Mia B.) 3:55

Bonus Tracks:

12. Gathered in Dreams 3:28
13. Far Across the Sea (for Courtney)  4:29
14. Other Side of the Wheel (for Courtney) 4:45
15. Perfect 3:14
16. Desire 1:40

A few things I like about this album: I play drums (high-hat and snare) 
and it sounds pretty good... and the writing. A few things I don't like are 
the use of Ultra Drums (off of an LP) on several tunes and the over-
production (not in all cases) of songs that work well as simple folk tunes.
I've been known to play/perform several of these pieces up until now, 
and will continue doing so. 

Other recordings 1988-90

Recorded in 20th Ave E space on Capitol Hill

1. Original take of "This Morning's Apple"
2. Original take of "Recombination Tango"
3. Lush keyboard melody #1
4. Harpsi/Clavichord idea
5. When We Touch (unfinished, several takes)
6. "fretless" Piano improv, melodic, very long
7. Lush keyboard melody #2
8. funk key/vocal jam
9. psychadelicfunk key/vocal improv
10. There was no turning back... (acapella improv)
11. Far Across the Sea (acapella scratch)
12. All Things Come Around (scratch w/vocals)
13. Sometimes You Look Like a Freshly Fallen Star

Recorded at my brother John's house in Bothell

1. Far Across the Sea (for Courtney)
2. Keeping Us Together
3. Desire
4. Gathered in Dreams
5. This is My Liberty
6. Other Side of the Wheel (for Courtney)
7. We're Already There
8. Perfect
9. Walking Through the Great Storm
10. All Things Come Around

Most of this work is characterized by chimey or funky keyboard sounds, 
tense performances, attempts to come up with some pop masterpiece. 
Some of the writing comes through in the end. "Gathered in Dreams"; 
"Other Side of the Wheel"; "Perfect" and "Desire" could use some 
reworking, relaxation and a simple reading, and are worth the effort.


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